Hi, I’m Claudio, an Adobe ACA Graphic Designer focused on Facebook Adv and Web Marketing.


Claudio Chiricolo from Graphigate.com


Welcome on Graphigate.com
If you are wondering who is behind this site (and what it is), then i suggest you to read this page.

I am Claudio Chiricolo. I am an Adobe Certified Associate – Pro Graphic Designer. In the last 5 years i have improved my skills in 2 specific niches:

  1. Graphic Design for Social Networks (Facebook first of all)
  2. Web Marketing

I have helped many enterpeneurs just like you, in Italy, America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada etc. Where? On Fiverr.com, i come from there. I have created more than 700+ orders, with more than 500+ 5 Stars Feedback.

Now i have decided to create my own place on the internet where i can help people like you reaching your audience, success in selling your product or services, reaching your dreams and boost your life satisfaction , and the life satisfaction of your family, (that is the main goal we all have in the end). That place is Graphigate.com

(Okay, maybe i need a little bit of time in order to boost your life satisfaction lol, but it’s like domino effect. If your facebook ads sell more thanks to one of my Facebook Ad graphic, that will be the first step)..



I would be happy to connect with you, even for just a chat or if you need an advice on your next facebook ad.

Here are my socials 🙂

I come from Fiverr

Fiverr it’s a great platform to start to test out your skills both in what you do (in my case, graphic design), but mostly on web marketing and copywriting. If you know good tactics you can end up being a top rated seller. The only limit is that it’s not your own business, and you can’t really do a backend work to attract customers. That’s why now i have Graphigate.com

How to succeed with your business?

Timing is one of the most important thing on Fiverr (and in your business too, for sure). If you say to someone you’ll deliver the order the 3rd of May, you better keep your word. You must be ready to work even in nighttime.

Another great thing I can tell you is: there are not shortcut to success. Do you want people to trust you, your product or your service? Then it MUST be AWESOME, it must help your buyer to resolve a problem, reach a goal, save money etc. And it should do it better than any other service.

Add value, add skils, add care to what you do, and your prospect will be your main sponsor.


Here is a quote for you…

A year from now you’ll wish you had started

– Karen Lamb