A few years ago, several hundred page engagements would have been enough to deem a page to be popular. A page with that number of responses would have generated enough leads for a firm.

As the days passed, the number of users increased, so did the pages and the news feed. So facebook had to sort out data to avoid users being flooded with irrelevant data. A user may only engage or like posts that are relevant to his or her interests and the facebook set its bots such that they analyze a person’s engagement and conclude the relevance of each kind of posts.

So as to create a successful facebook post that has a high probability of acquiring potential leads or to make a post trending, one needs to understand the working the entire system. Here are few tips that may help you boost your post organically-

If I were to own a website, I would want my page visitors to stick to my page, rather than directing them to other pages. Facebook algorithm is designed lower the organic ranking of such posts.

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From various analytics and researches, it has been found out that people are more likely to engage in a page with images, videos or graphic contents. Plain text usually bores people.

Nobody likes an ice-cream during winter or a woollen scarf during summer. Similar is the case for facebook posts. People get irritated at times when they are not in a mood to view such posts or ads. So one of the study you should do before creating facebook posts is to see WHEN your audience is connected and ready to interact.

how to boost facebook post engagement

Another great thing to consider before posting is the frequency of the posts. Try, test, make different posts and see how your audience respond. There is no rule about that. It’s shown that if you post 5 times per day, the facebook algorithm help you reach more people, but you have to decide how much posts do per day only by testing it out.


Let your post show examples of real life people. People usually engage in posts that depict real people and emotions. Post reviews by customers of your product, service, create customer-fan engagement posts. Posts involving real people are found to have higher  engagements.

Everyone likes decorated content, but to a certain extent. Keep the post simple, be direct to the point. Beating around the bush with long stories generally irritate people

Author: Fawaz for Graphigate.com

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