Why are Facebook covers so important for your business?

Okay, we all know that the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, are now one of the best places where you should stay if you want to spread the word about your service or product, because is where your target is, everyday, 180 minutes per day (Based on recent studies).

What I see that many entrepreneurs, real estate agents, coach, and business owners, in general, have already not got is that having a professional facebook cover designer for their social networks pages, like facebook, is a MUST for their business, and there are 3 main reasons:

  1. It is the first thing that your target see when they get on you facebook (or other social media) page. It is one, probably the main way, you have to create a top impression of you, of your business, of your product, of your service, of your care etc.
  2. It’s a FREE marketing space: all the biggest social networks are now changing their policy, directing it to: “if you pay, people will see”. Algorithms are changing to let you pay if you want more exposure. In this environment, facebook covers, twitter covers, LinkedIn covers etc are still a FREE space that you can use to redirect persons to your website, to your physical store, to ask for a consulting, to call you etc.
  3. Highlight a campaign or a promotion: as a great focal point, you can use it to highlight a promotion you have done, a freebie you are giving away for free, a particular service you offer: the possibility are unlimited.


These are 3 of the most important reasons why you should have a profession facebook cover designed for your business. Follow this blog if you wish to receive more fresh, updated, precious information about social media and much more. Subscribe the newsletter, and follow us on Facebook.